As people may have already heard, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on 18th of May that the Icelandic government had violated my human rights. On 24th of August I received a letter from the court where it was confirmed that the Icelandic government would respect the verdict.

Letter from The European Court of Human Rights on 24th of August where verdict on Icelandic government´s human rights violation against Jon Asgeir Johannesson is confirmed

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See also:

Will anyone shoulder responsibility? Will the Supreme Court of Iceland shoulder responsibility for violating human rights?

It is a big flaw in the system in Iceland that people in the highest political office never shoulder responsibility but sit for decades in the same positions. Because of how small Icelandic society is, it is even more necessary that Iceland, more than many other countries, should regulate government officials so they can´t sit in office for more than eight years. We should attract the best people in those jobs by offering comparable salaries to the private sector. I think that is the only way to fight corruption and abuse of power in Iceland. The Icelandic government started the war against me by raiding the offices of Baugur Group in August 2002. It´s been going on for 15 years now but hopefully the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights will put an end to it because that war has been pushed forward by corruption and abuse of power.

Jon Asgeir Johannesson