Jon Asgeir Johannesson was a victim of a human rights violation by the Icelandic Supreme Court in 2012, according to review by the State attorney office to the committee that handles revision of judgements. The review confirms the verdict from the European Court of Human Rights in May last year.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on 18th of May last year that the Icelandic government had violated Jon Asgeir Johannesson´s human rights when he was found guilty in the Supreme Court in 2012. Shortly after that verdict Jon Asgeir sent a letter to to the committee that handles revision of judgements with request to review his case from 2012. After a slow start and problems with appointing people to the committee it now looks like the committee has started working on Jons Asgeir´s request.

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The State attorney office handed in two reviews to the committee. In the first review the office thinks that strong arguments can be made for reopening the Supreme Court´s case from 2012. In the second review, the State attorney office points out that a verdict from Supreme Court handed out after The European Court of Human Rights verdict in a similiar case to 2012 case of Jon Asgeir implies that Supreme Court violated Jon Asgeir´s rights in 2012.

It´s a special and interesting situation that four of the five Supreme Court judges who handed out the verdict in the case in 2012 were among the seven judges that confirmed The European Court of Human Rights interpretation in similiar case in Supreme Court in September last year.